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I have been pretty darn silent here because of work.  I accepted the new job in April, but because my replacement does not start until November, I am, truly, doing two full time jobs.  I go non-stop at work.  More than once  week I get home and realize I have not eaten all day because I just don't stop.  And, after the respite ot dinner/bed/bath, I do work until 11:00 PM.

The next two weeks are going to be rough...I have a number of BIG projects all due.  I am dealing, but just barely.  

Tim has been amazing.  He has taken over a lot of Aidan care to free up some of my evening time, and he has been really understanding of my need to just focus on work at home.  I adore him for this, among other reasons.  I have felt guilty about 'neglecting' him, so Sunday night, I finished my work "early" at 10:15 and I opened a bottle of champagne and told Tim it was "his" time.  We sat in bed, drank the bottle and just talked (for a time, anyway).  Pretty pathetic that I fit that time in late on a Sunday night!

Part of me has felt like quitting, but I really do need my job, and, I like the "new" work I do...and despite the craziness, I have made some big accomplishments.  Once my next three big deadlines are met, I WILL be demanding a bonus, though.  I am not getting extra for all the work I have been doing, and they need to pay up.

But, the selfish part.....In mid-October, the worst will be over and I will finally be able to breathe a bit.  All I can think of is some quiet time, so I am booking a day and a half at the Common Man Inn and Spa in Plymouth, NH.  It's cheaper than some of the other local places and is near so many good friends.  I am going to spend a night BY MYSELF, and get a massage and a facial, and spend some time with some girlfriends.  I need that.  Desperately.  Tim is encouragng me to go...he is A-OK with it, but I still feel a bit guilty....I shoudl spend my down time with Tim and Aidan, right?  I just need to recharge my batteries, and, pathetic as it is, I am really focusing on some "me time."

So, once again, I offer apologies for not being more actvely involved in all of your lives....I hope we can reconnect soon.

(total side note....I am watching Dirty Sexy Money and loving it.  I heart season premiers time! I can not WAIT for The Office tomorrow!!!!!)

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