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Jan. 29th, 2007 09:57 pm
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OK, OK, I never finished the Globes fashion review, and I probably won't finish the SAG one, but I can try, right?!?

Well, I definitely like the Golden Globes dress better than this one, but I still think Jennifer Hudson looked pretty.  The dress was a leeeeetle tight, but, meh, it was still nice overall.

Eddie Murphy looks nice, but, man, is his girlfriend's dress horrible or what?!?  It's like Morticia Adams meets Anna Nicole Smith meets ZumZum designer what with the shiny satin and all....

Helen Mirren looks very elegant, but I think the dress would have looked better without the see-through shawl thingie.  

Dude.  I literally did a double take with this photo.  America Fererra's head looks two sizes too small for her body!  Oh, and she also happens to look like the Jolly Green Giant.  Ho Ho Ho, Green Giant!

Frigging A.  I thought Reese Witherspoon would be immune from the lollipop head on stick skinny actress trend.  She looks so scrawny it is HORRIBLE.  I just saw a bit of Cruel Intentions this weekend and thought to myself, "Self, Reese looks so natural, how nice for young girls to see."  And, now this?!?  I'm not pleased.

Must've been a bit nippy in California yesterday, no?

Yep, definitely starting to look his age.  Damn good, but still looking his age.

I know, I'll fluff all of my hair onto one side, then wear a fluffy thing on my shoulder on the other side and it will match SO well, it will be amazing!

Maybe it's just the photo, but Heather's boobs are looking really, really, REALLY saggy!

It's official.  I no longer have any hope for liking anything Sandra Oh will ever wear.  I think I would like her scrubs better than this.

I have definitely seen her look worse, but the dress does not wow me.  And, she is still too skinny.

Cate is jonesing SO hard for an Oscar, she is morphing into one.  The glare on the dress is just ridiculous.  Ridiculous.

Didn't the babydoll look go out in 1992?  I swear Kelly Taylor wore something like this to the prom on 90210.

Pregnancy glow?  Check!  I think she looks awesome!

I swear I have a dishrag that looks exactly like this...just without the blue Ti-D-Bowl stains on the bottom.  Kate Walsh looked SO great at the People's Choice Awards and has gone downhill from there...

I like the dress.  I wish the color were a bit deeper, but I like it.  the hair?  Not so much.  The dress?  One thumb up.

Is Debi Mazar pregnant or did she just have a really big sandwich?  But the real question is, who the hell designed those sleeves?  Horrid.
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