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Whoops.  I meant to post more photos in that last thread, but, oh well.  Here we go...

Very age appropriate.  Cute, but not cutesy and not too sexy.  I think this is the chick from Desperate Housewives.

Oh, George, PLEASE don't do black on black again.

Well, the Boob Fairy certainly visited Mariska Hargitay during her pregnancy, huh?

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Like the Golden Globes, I didn't watch this awards show (I totally forgot they were on), but heck, I'll do the Fashion Review anyway...

Holy Crap!  Shirley Temple has had a shit ton of work done, huh?  Botox anyone?!?

Please forgive me, but it looks like Heath Ledger is <ahem> really has taken on his role in Brokeback Mountain.  What is up with that pose?  And, for the record, I hate the black on black tux.

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Screen Actors Guild Fashion Review tonight! I completely forgot those suckers were on last night. But, I flashed through some photos and there really are some doozies...
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Is it me, or did some of the contestants tonight just look like they had been beated by a big old ugly stick?!?

The doctor chick, for instance. What the fuck was up with her teeth? And her comments about reproduction....Someone forgot to take her meds, huh?

(I can say that because I am the most attractive woman in the world, of course.)
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I love the moments when you realize that your baby is not just a 'baby', but a person who grows and learns every day.  I had one of those moments today.

We have this small stuffed duck that, when you push its belly, makes a very realistic "Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack" noise.  We don't give it to Aidan often, but I was having coffee at a friend's house this morning and I pulled it out.  We played with it a bit, and shortly after it played for the last time, Aidan looked at me and said, "Kak, Kak, Kak, Kak!!".  It was so funny to see him imitating the duck.  A little while went by and Aidan picked up the duck and repeated, "Kak, Kak, Kak, Kak".  It was cool to see he remembered that the duck made that sound.

What made me REALLY smile was a few hours later...When I change Aidan, I have to give him a toy to keep him occupied so he doesn't roll all over the place.  I usually give him a toy duck that he only gets when he is getting changed.  Well, I gave him the duck, he picked it up, looked it over and said, "Kak, Kak, Kak, Kak."  Now, the fact that he was imitating the sound he just heard made me happy, but the fact he associated the sound of one toy duck with another toy duck just amazed me.  It really shows that he is making connections, associations, etc.  My boy is thinking!

Of course, the sound I most love now?  "Kak, Kak, Kak, Kak...."

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Well, I had been looking forward to Christmas for a while and, I have to say, it really did not disappoint.  Having a baby around really does a lot to boost the Christmas spirit.  Hell, even the non-stop Christmas music never got to me...I found myself tuning into the station that played ONLY Christmas music for a month.  What's happened to me?

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No, not THAT kind of baked (it's been a while since that...)

I just spent the last four+ hours making holiday goodies. I kept it simple this year and I am leaving it at sugar cookie cut-outs and peppermint bark. I made NINE batches of the bark for the office and Aidan's child center and five dozen cookies, too. I still need to ice the cookies, but that is for tomorrow. I am pooped.

I would be spent had Aidan and I not taken a nap together this afternoon. He was sleepy, I was sleepy, it was time for him to feed, so I brought him into bed and we nursed and dozed for two hours. Tim joined us for the latter part of the nap, so we had a family spoon--Tim, me and Aidan. Then the cats joined us. I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to be warm and cozy in bed, with nothing I HAD to do, and with all the people I love most in the world right with me. In all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it was nice to know no gifts are needed--I already have all I need.

Still sick

Sep. 29th, 2005 08:33 am
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Well, both Aidan and I are still sick. I am pretty sure I had a fever last night, but I think that is gone today. The sore throat still remains, though, and it ain't fun. Aidan is fine during the day, except for a runny nose. It is clear runny, so he is allowed in the CLC (Phew!). But, at night he is so unhappy. I have been putting him down in his crib with the mattress at an incline, but he wakes up miserable. Last night he had a coughing fit at about 9:00 PM and just started sobbing. I brought him into our bedroom and comforted him, then let him sleep on my chest while I watched 'Lost'. I made Tim take video of it so, someday, when Aidan is a teenager and thinks I am evil, I can whip that out and remind him that Mommy put up with a lot! I put him down in his crib at 10 so I could pump and get ready for bed and at 10:30 he was sobbing again. The only thing that would get him settled? Me rocking him while singing the Aidan version of 'You are My Sunshine'. He finally fell asleep on my chest and that is pretty much where he stayed all night. Bonnie even came up and snuggled up next to him--she knew he was not feeling good. It was really sweet. He woke up today with no congestion and happy as can be, so, I guess that is a good thing. I am just hoping we can get past this sooner rather than later.
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Gabrielle Union looks be able to wear a dress that form-fitting again...I wish!

Could Shannon Elizabeth look any better?  I just wish she wasn't trying to really keep up the one-side thing...shoulder, hair, jewelry ,etc.

This chick (Alice Evans...who?) looks like Minnie Mouse meets Sprockets.

Mischa Barton actually looking pretty and not all "I'm a skin and bones flapper chickaroo".

Oh, Mandy Moore, the placement of those cut-outs, is, well, just unfortunate.

Now I feel old. Lacey Chabert, the little kid from Party of Five is now grown-up.  With bigger boobs than I have.

Brooke Burns looking pretty fierce.  (Can you tell I am looking forward to Top Model with the use of the word, 'fierce'?  Go Tyra!  Go Tyra!)

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...there is always time for a FASHION REVIEW!!


Eva Longoria.  I don't know.  I like the jeweled neck, and she looked great, but, I just didn't LOVE it.


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