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There has just been no time to post in the last week with all the work drama going on.  As my boss transitions out, there are SO many changes.  I have been increasingly open about my desire tor new opportunities/dissatisfaction with the current environment, etc.  At a point, I felt as though I was going to be pushed out when I turned down a substantial promotion.  BUT, I have been able to put forth some strategic proposals to change my position here, moving my job into an arena that more closely matches my skill set, allows me to help with leadership transitions, and keeps me at a solid salary level.  It would not be in Admissions--I may put that on hold for a couple of years, but I think this could lead to a situation with some greater happiness for me here.  As cliche as this sounds, it could be a win-win.  In the last few days, my new boss and the head of School have told me that they will do whateer it takes to keep me here, and I am going to try to use that leverage.  I am beginning to feel a little of the tension that has been in my belly ease up.  Only a little.

I am still searching--and I have been open about that.  I have gotten some recruiter calls recently, but no job is a perfect match yet.  It's still early, so we will see.  If we can ink out this deal for my new position here, after I go to the recuritment fair in two weeks, I might end the search.  We'll see.  I am still gathering all of my references, and, a former supervisor just sent me a letter of reference that literally made me tear up.  I think it is one of the nicest things ever written about me.  And, yeah, because I have been feeling so low lately, I am posting it here....I need to be able to go back and read through it once in a while!

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of reference on behalf of Kimberly Major. 


            I worked with Kim for three years while she was employed at Plymouth State University in the capacity of Director of Alumni Relations and the Coordinator of the Community Service Learning Center.  During that time I found her to be one of the most outstanding individuals that I have ever been associated with.  She is a fine and decent person of impeccable character, one who is considerate of all individuals and works tirelessly on behalf of others. I found her to be a talented and gifted leader who was highly regarded for creating a positive and supportive environment within the Alumni Program. In addition, she was a person that could bring all constituent groups and the greater community together for the benefit of all. This was especially evident in her vision and collaborative style. The respect and trust that Kim attained not only at Plymouth State University but also statewide and her knowledge in the area of fundraising and development played a crucial role in our hopes and dreams for the future of PSU.


            Kim had exceptional “people skills”, was dependable, organized and very articulate.  She led by example and was highly regarded by faculty, staff, and students due to the positive manner in which she conducted herself and went about meeting her responsibilities. She was also a consummate team player in that she consistently demonstrated a willingness to get involved; share in the work load and far exceeded what was expected of her job. Kim always made communications a number one priority in terms of the relationships she developed with staff, associates and alumni.  There was a recognizably high degree of mutual respect between them.  However, if a problem did arise, regardless of its magnitude, she was always quick to confront, address and resolve it.


            Kim is a person of conviction with a strong sense of right and wrong.  When we served on committees together, she always offered invaluable insight and direction while allowing others to comfortably contribute differing points of view. A dedicated professional, Kim always displayed exceptional leadership skills in terms of her vision, work ethic, enthusiasm, and positive attitude.


              I am honored and excited to offer my very highest recommendation for Kim Major in support of her application for the position of Associate Director of Admissions at Groton School.

Anyway, it's now looking more likely that I will stay here for a bit longer.  In my mind, I will stay through the time that our second child (we have NOT started TTC yet) is born and through his/her first year at the CLC.  I would want our second child to have the amazing infancy care that Aidan did.  After that, I would be open to looking again....and I wouldbe sure that if I agreed to stay here that I get confirmation that they will actively support my search.  If I am helping to keep this office afloat, I need some payback.

Anyway, I am cautiously feeling better.  But, we will see what happens tomorrow!

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