Dec. 11th, 2011

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Travel season is over, but reading season is just as busy! I aim to read 15-20 applications a day, in addition to working on sub-projects and dealing with phones, messages, etc. Still loving it 100%. I have gotten fabulous feedback from my dean. She gave me a glowing endorsement the other day during our 1:1. She told me that all the reports she has gotten from my performance on the road has been extremely positive, that my reading of applcation is dead-on accurate, that I have the perfect instincts for this job, and that she has even asked the veterans in the office to look at my read sheet notes....she thinks they are ideal. She told me that she has no doubt that within two years I will have all the skills necessary to be a director wherever I want.

After waiting so long to get a position in this field, it was so incredibly validating to hear. I know I sound like a broken record, but work never feels like work. it is absolutely one of the best feeings in the world.

Aside from work, Christmas prep has been going non-stop. I feel pretty good about where things are, with the exception of the annual photo book. I have photos downloaded but have not started the book. I will get it done in the next couple of days, but it will be rough. C'est la vie.

I feel good about the gifts I got folks, but, for the first time, I really did not put much thought in for Tim. I got some basic things, but I just didn't have the energy to try to get really creative. I'm not losing too much sleep over that, though. I think the gift I am most looking forward to seeing be opened is the necklace I got for my sister. I got her a silver necklace with two silver bars as pendants. Aidan's name and birthstone are on one bar, and Owen's on the othe. She has done so much to help with the boys, I felt it would be appropriate. It was more than I thought I would spend, but it will be worth it. I reined it in a bit more wiht the boys this year, but not entirely. I just can't help it.....

I had such a blast last night, guys! It was Tim's company holiday party last night. It was at the World Trade Center in Boston - cocktails, dinner, a band, a DJ, and a pretty elaborate casino night. I had the perfect dress....LBD with tired ruffles that was PERFECT. It made me look SO much skinnier than I am, and Tim could not help commenting on it. I also scooped up a great pair of Tahari dress heels at TJ Maxx. They were so dead on for the dress. Blck satin peep toes with a great ruffle right across the toe. A little higher (4") than I normally go, but still comfortable. It was chilly, so I wore fishnets with it. It all looked so dead-on right. Tim and I had a great time together, but we also spent time with one of his colleagues and his first time meeting them, and we all just clickd. Tim and Michelle (the wife) are craps players, so they spent an hour at one of the craps tables while Tim's colleague and I won big at the blackjack table. We all laughed so much....and it didn't hurt that we found extra drink tickets. Anyway, it was nice to click with Michelle and we will get together after the holidays.

OK, must hide the Elf, run the dishwasher, dry my hair, and hit the hay. Hoping I wake up with my voice back....I have been sick the last week and this morning, I totally lost my voice. That should be fun tomorrow when I have to answer phones...


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