Jan. 26th, 2007

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There has just been no time to post in the last week with all the work drama going on.  As my boss transitions out, there are SO many changes.  I have been increasingly open about my desire tor new opportunities/dissatisfaction with the current environment, etc.  At a point, I felt as though I was going to be pushed out when I turned down a substantial promotion.  BUT, I have been able to put forth some strategic proposals to change my position here, moving my job into an arena that more closely matches my skill set, allows me to help with leadership transitions, and keeps me at a solid salary level.  It would not be in Admissions--I may put that on hold for a couple of years, but I think this could lead to a situation with some greater happiness for me here.  As cliche as this sounds, it could be a win-win.  In the last few days, my new boss and the head of School have told me that they will do whateer it takes to keep me here, and I am going to try to use that leverage.  I am beginning to feel a little of the tension that has been in my belly ease up.  Only a little.


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